FFMT would like to congratulate our alumni on all of their hard work. We hope that the alumni of FFMT are aware of the benefits received from the Minority Teacher Education Scholarship and the FFMT Recruitment and Retention symposiums. In addition to the financial assistance, the information obtained during our annual symposiums will inevitably supplement the information learned in the classroom. Please contact your legislator and inform them of the benefits of your scholarship. Click here for state legislatures in your county.

As stated in the promissory note, you are required to teach in a Florida Public School or State funded Charter School for the same number of years the scholarship was received.

In order to receive credit for teaching, the following documents are required:

Attachment A - Records your initial employment. Please submit this form at the beginning of each school year.

Attachment B - Verifies your teaching employment. Please submit this form at the end of every year taught. The total number of days worked, an official school seal, and a principal's signature must be included on this form. The form must be mailed to FFMT's office with signature.

Attachment C - Provides an opportunity to request a deferment from repaying your loan. Reasons for requesting a deferment could include, inability to secure teaching position or current full-time enrollment. Submission of a request does not constitute approval. Deferments do not extend your maximum payment time. Interest does not accrue during a deferment.

If you are not currently teaching, you must either begin a repayment plan or request a deferment of repayment. To begin a repayment plan, please contact the FFMT office at (352) 392-9196. To apply for a deferment, you must submit an Attachment C, and provide the appropriate documentation.

If you have any questions or concerns about your repayment plan, please contact the FFMT Accountant at (352) 392-9196 or Also, if your address or phone number changes, please complete attachment D to update your file.